Keep it simple: Falk or Lautenschlager?

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Who are you voting for in the Democratic primary?

Kathleen Falk
Peg Lautenschlager
Someone else
I haven't made up my mind yet
I'm voting in another party's primary instead
I won't be voting at all
Total votes: 72

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Postby Madguy » Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:21 pm

Wisconsinites are way too forgiving of drunken idiocy. Falk for AG.

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Postby Paco » Thu Aug 31, 2006 6:30 pm

bmasel wrote:Just got a RoboCall from the Falk campaign. Cements my vote for Lautenschlager.

Ditto. That makes about 4 so far this season.

Ben Manski
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Postby Ben Manski » Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:34 pm

Eight words:

Kathleen Falk Four Lane Family Farm Memorial Highway

(otherwise known as Highway 12)

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Postby Wincraft » Thu Aug 31, 2006 7:50 pm

I'll be voting for Peg. I have a friend, an attorney, who I really respect who specializes in enviro law. He says Peg is the best AG we've ever had. Ever. This friend loves Kathleen too and was a big supporter when she ran for Gov last time. At the Bean Fest this spring, Peg was working the line before the doors opened and I'd say she was getting 9 to 1 support. Following behind her was a young college age woman working for Falk. When the volunteer got to me I said that I was voting for Peg. I said I'd happily vote for Kathleen for Governor and that I despised Doyle. The young woman said I wasn't the first person to say that....

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Postby ShaneDog » Thu Aug 31, 2006 8:16 pm

Ben Manski wrote:Eight words:

Kathleen Falk Four Lane Family Farm Memorial Highway

(otherwise known as Highway 12)
And how is that relevant to the AG office?

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Postby Dulouz » Fri Sep 01, 2006 8:19 am

ShaneDog wrote:
Ben Manski wrote:Eight words:

Kathleen Falk Four Lane Family Farm Memorial Highway

(otherwise known as Highway 12)
And how is that relevant to the AG office?

My guess: Falk tends to do what is politically expedient for her even if it flies in the face of her enitre public persona and political career.

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Postby buckyor » Fri Sep 01, 2006 8:55 am

I of course won't be voting in this election, because I no longer live in Wisconsin. If I did, I'd be voting for Peg. In part because I like what she's done as AG, and in part because I look at Falk like some other on here now do- that she will do and say whatever she thinks it takes to win an election. Falk is someone who views this position as a steppingstone to something else, and while there isn't anything intrinsically wrong with that, I prefer to vote for someone who wants to to the job they're running for, not another job that they'll be running for 4 years down the road.

I find it interesting how this board has come about 180 degress on Falk over the last 4 years. When she was running for governor, this whole place was falling all over itself with near orgasmic praise for Kathleen Falk (I was a Barrett supporter in that race). She was pretty much anointed for sainthood by this place. Now, not so much. Even those who support her do so tepidly at best; I think they are largely of the opinion that Peg's DUI will prevent her from winning the general election. And while I imagine the difference in her opponents has something to do with this, I don't think it explains all that much. It's not like this place is falling all over Peg. HER supporters (myself included) are similarly lukewarm; they like the job she's done, but feel she has flaws. I think the real reason for Falk's decline in support has to do with a significant measure of disappointment people are feeling about her. But I don't know what this disappointment stems from.

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Postby Crow » Fri Sep 01, 2006 6:56 pm

Lautenschlager. Because of this:

Way back when, Kathleen wrote:I am running for attorney general for the same reason I entered public service 30 years ago: to put the law to work to protect our children. They deserve safe communities, the chance to grow up healthy and loved in neighborhoods that are free from crime and violence.

Fuck the children.*

*No, of course I'm not a pedophile. By "fuck" I mean "Go to hell you little bastards; I wish to have nothing to do with you. Or your parents. Or the soggy-headed nitwits who fall for this sort of mushy nonsense." Just so we're clear.

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Postby bleurose » Sat Sep 02, 2006 7:18 pm

Lautenschlager, absolutely. Falk has not made ANY case for replacing her!!

I find it almost impossible to believe that anyone who thinks through things (yeah, I know - that puts me in the same group as Barrett who says that "no right-thinking person, etc., etc. :( ) rationally is willing to dismiss Peg because of one DUI. I firmly believe that she is one of those individuals that will never, NEVER do it again. Since I am also a human being and by definition, less than perfect (please, don't anyone tell the other half, it's the only leverage I've got :lol: ), I am quite easy in my mind with giving her this error. I am positively not willing to toss all the good work that Peg has done over this.

I remain very disappointed in Kathleen and very sad that this "primary" is even happening. Should Kathleen decide to run for gov again, I'm there.

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Postby Genie » Sat Sep 02, 2006 11:09 pm

I don't know yet. Peg has done a good job. I admired her working even while battling cancer. She had a lot of guts going out in public with no hair after her chemo treatments. Most women would wear a wig. But the DUI will go against her in the general election. I'm sure the republicans are just waiting with ads even more vicious than the one Kathy Falk put out.

Kathy Falk was a great Public Intervenor. She went after the DNR and the polluters alike. But of course Tommy went and eliminated that job precisely because she was so good. His campaign contributors were getting annoyed at having to pay fines for polluting the air and water. But her vicious ad against Peg Lautenschlager was a desparate and very low blow.

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Postby Jeribelle » Sun Sep 03, 2006 6:59 pm

I too see no reason to replace Peg. She's doing fine. And Falk hasn't given any indication that she could do better.

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Postby Stampy » Sun Sep 03, 2006 11:28 pm

Peg is a drunk and Falk will never win a statewide election. So can we have some better candidates please? Thanks.

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Postby Bellwether » Mon Sep 04, 2006 5:18 pm

Peg. Don't like the robo calls (doesn't mean I won't end up getting them from Peg too, yet, though), don't see how "Katie" will do a better job than Peg, don't like that she's hiding her ad in other markets and not playing it in Madison, don't know who we'd get to replace her as County Executive that bats for my team. And, I totally agree with whoever said that you don't throw a working AG from the train.

I don't CARE about the DUI; lord knows I've made my own bad choices from time to time. A bad choice or three doesn't mean you're unfit for office, IMHO. I live in the real world, and I can accept that (as the old T-shirt used to say), "Pobody's Nerfect."

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Postby oranger » Mon Sep 04, 2006 7:48 pm

I would loose my job if I took my companies car, got drunk and drove it in the ditch. Peg should be fired. Falk is a fine candidate. I like Peg, but I would feel like a hypocrite for lambasting republicans for lack of accountability while voting for Peg because it would be politically expedient.

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Postby statz » Mon Sep 04, 2006 8:01 pm

What Kegger did was wrong with the State vehicle. But Falk's grabbing her ankles for the Blo-Chunk nation was unforgivable. Goldschlagger is the only Democrat between us and little Jimmy Doyle. Gotta vote for Peg.

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