raccoons want ice cream

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raccoons want ice cream

Postby gozer » Sat Nov 08, 2008 10:25 am


u go out in the morning light
wondering why u can't secure yer dustbins right
if u have leftover food u shouldn't rage against the machine
raccoons just want to have ice cream....

u wake up in the middle of the night
is it 160 km/h mph winds blowing dustbin lids or some kind of fight?
is it dumpster divers looking for tylenol number three?
no, raccoons just want to have ice cream
raccoons just want to have ice cream (slam. bang.)

that's all they really want
some corn, pizza, or ice cream
when the working day comes to an end
separate out yer wasted food for our ring-tailed friends

some folks get a lot of food
and waste enough to feed the rest of the world
why not make the critters so happy they can scream?
raccoons just want to have ice cream


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