DEEPER: Satan Is Alive and Well Inside Planet Earth

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DEEPER: Satan Is Alive and Well Inside Planet Earth

Postby blunt » Tue Nov 27, 2007 12:03 pm

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I HIGHLY recommend this book---if you want a "rip-roaring good read" (Jon Krakauer, author of Under the Banner of Heaven---a brilliant book also)).
This blows the amateur bad writing of Dan Brown out of the univers!
Smart, lyrical, compelling, and: scary!
I haven't been freaked out by a horror novel for a thousand years.
This is the one.
The first book is The Descent---the book I hoped had been made into a movie (The Descent wasn't it; neither was The Cave) and it should be.
Deeper is the sequel.
You don't really need to read the first to enjoy the second but you should.
The first is even more epic and amazing.
BUY! ... deeper.htm

"Mesmerizing and concussive, this darkly brilliant work of imagination galvanizes Jeff Long's reputation as a prodigious talent. At once a love story, the ultimate thriller, and an extreme adventure, Deeper will leave you breathless." fantastic fiction

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