MY BAD: 25 Years of Public Apologies

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MY BAD: 25 Years of Public Apologies

Postby blunt » Fri Oct 26, 2007 11:39 am

Finally, a good use for the trendy phrase I loathe so much: MY BAD by Paul Slansky and Arleen Sorkin (yep, her).
This is prime bathroom reading material, and lasts much longer than the Onion.
And it actually true, literally: alot!
See? How easy it is?
Great to raed the history of bad deeds and worse apologies from McDonald's beef tallow for vegans travesty to Clintons smoking accessories--it's all here.
Guess what? Racist freakwad Trent Lott is the champion apologizer: six apologies in 8 days---an Apol-Orgy all stemming from his innocent segregational beliefs and wistful regret that Strom Thurmond's legacy and slavery were in the past: "Hey, I'm for affirmative action---I've had black people on my staff."
Oh, and though he voted AGAINST the Martin Luther King holiday, he did vote to have a bust of MLK in the Capitol because "that was something that would help bring reconciliation."

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