Spirit Airlines

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Spirit Airlines

Postby msnflyer » Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:03 am

Sure, they're cheap. But bargains often come with a price. If you've ever ridden a full Badger bus from MSN to MKE you've had a similar experience.

Everything costs extra, from water to a pillow. Checked bag fees, carry on fee, seat change fee, seat selection fee, I'm surprised they don't charge a fee to make a reservation.

Hope you don't want to move your legs while seated because your knees will probably be rubbing on the back of the seat in front of you. DVT be damned! We'll stuff an extra row of seats in!! They fly from Miami to Lima, Peru, something I wouldn't do with that seating configuration. Flight attendant said most pax are S. American. They're smaller than N. Americans so they're comfy. I certainly wasn't.

After they nickle and dime you they make sure you're almost intimate with your seatmates because you have contact with them from hip to thigh. Keep your elbows tucked or you'll make arm contact too.

I've never seen so many wheelchair pax loaded as on these flights. Guess the low prices allow the old, infirm, and fat to get out and fly. Sure, they got me there and back safely and on time. No promises of comfort were made so I shouldn't complain. I was waiting for the passengers with baskets of live chickens and a passle of crying babies to make the experience rival that of a New Dehli bus.

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