Road trip!

We want to hear about your adventures, be they from Istanbul, Ixtapa or Ixonia. And hey, you might even find someone you can sell your extra Euros to.
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Road trip!

Postby beenie » Fri Dec 19, 2008 5:31 pm

My presence is required at a family function in NY this summer, so now that I have sufficient vacation time, rather than just fly there by myself, the husband and I are in the very early planning stages of a summer road trip. We did the straight-through on I-80 last time we drove out, but this time, we're planning to make a big loop of it, have an adventure and visit some places and friends we'd like to see.

Any recommendations for attractions, food and/or lodging in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, (somewhere fun/interesting to stop and stretch between Montreal and Boston), Boston, Providence, Philly, Baltimore, DC and Cleveland? We'll definitely be on a budget, but we're also foodies (not thrilled with that word, but it is what it is). I'd rather spend money on good dining experiences than fancy hotels, but I don't want to be crippled with back pain, either. Good dining doesn't necessarily mean fine dining, just good food. Poutine, a visit to the public market and some dim sum in Toronto are musts. The Hockey Hall of Fame is on the agenda, since I'd be crucified back home if I didn't at least stop at the gift shop. I've never been to Vermont or New Hampshire, it's been years since I've been to Boston, Philly or DC, and all I know of Cleveland is what I saw on No Reservations. And of course, we're looking for experiences we can't get here.

We're talking six months planning/budgeting time, so I thank you (well) in advance for any suggestions.

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