Arkoffs/Pamphleteers/August Teens @ Mickey's 8/10

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Arkoffs/Pamphleteers/August Teens @ Mickey's 8/10

Postby Kyle Motor » Wed Aug 07, 2013 4:07 pm

The Arkoffs
The Pamphleteers
The August Teens
10 pm, Saturday, Aug. 10
Mickey's Tavern
1524 Williamson St.

Who doesn't like to rock and roll on a Saturday night? If you need to learn how, stick around Mickey's Tavern after food service ends on August 10, because a triple bill is prepared to rock your socks right into the Yahara River. Featuring one shambolic band that creeps out unexpectedly on occasion (The Arkoffs), one band of travelers from south of the border ... down Illinois way (The Pamphleteers) and one band returning to action after an extended absence (The August Teens), a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

The Arkoffs may or may not practice before this show. In an even more potentially problematic development they are playing last, leaving ample time for krausening. For safety's sake, Giganto the Amp will not be making an appearance, because who knows who it could fall on in such a situation. Their Kind Turkey cassette is long sold out, but plans for an LP are in the works; expect it by, oh, say about 2525.

The trio of Pamphleteers may be a new band but Madison music fans will recognize faces from recent Chicago bands such as The Dials and The Returnables in the lineup. Expect them to bring the rock. For a preview, check Bandcamp:

The August Teens would like to say" "We're back." The quartet is bringing power-pop back to local stages while putting the finishing touches on their 2nd album, I'm Selfish And So Is My Cat.

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Re: Arkoffs/Pamphleteers/August Teens @ Mickey's 8/10

Postby minicat » Fri Aug 09, 2013 4:08 pm


No Smokey.


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