5-17 Funeral & theTwilight/DharmaDogs/TheSmunn/SingingKnives

Got a gig coming up? A CD coming out? A new bass player who looks like Jesus and smells like a field of posies? If you're selling or promoting something, post it here.
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5-17 Funeral & theTwilight/DharmaDogs/TheSmunn/SingingKnives

Postby Jou » Mon May 13, 2013 12:55 am

https://www.facebook.com/events/1455302 ... 6/?fref=ts

MAY 17th
10 pm

The Funeral & the Twilight (very cool dark gothy punk from MN) - http://thefuneralandthetwilight.bandcam ... hted-death

Dharma Dogs (rad Madison grungy punk) - http://dharmadogs.bandcamp.com/

The Smunn (heavy industrial and analog synth stuff. Vincent & Lacey from Zebras. First show.) - http://thesmunn.bandcamp.com/album/eps-demos

The Singing Knives (Portland, OR Psych garage) -

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