Oconomowoc - The Film Barrymore May 1st

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Oconomowoc - The Film Barrymore May 1st

Postby Maggie » Tue Apr 23, 2013 12:38 pm


Fill your inner spiritual void with joy and laughter by watching this very funny film about these weird people living in a weird Wisconsin town.

Q&A with director Andy Gillies

Barrymore Theatre
Wednesday May 1st 7:30 p.m.


Buy tickets and pay with cash or check with no service fees at the Barrymore outlets: Sugar Shack Records, Star Liquor, Mad City Music, B-Side Records, Strictly Discs, Frugal Muse - Junction Rd and Frugal Muse - North Gate

Buy using your credit card online at http://http://barrymorelive.com/ or by phone (608) 241-8633.

OCONOMOWOC is an absurd comedy about Lonnie Washington, a confused adult who moves back in with his boozing mother and reluctantly teams up with his friend's mishandled t-shirt business in hopes of finding a little direction.

Amid their differing priorities and illusions of success, the friends' future begins to take shape when they meet a keen girl who diagnoses Lonnie's life predicament as mere self-importance. The newly found talent is just enough to send the fledgling men reeling for answers to a business deal gone bad.

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