Sugarjets/Pamphleteers 7/14 HN@5:30

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Sugarjets/Pamphleteers 7/14 HN@5:30

Postby The Center Square » Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:34 pm

The Sugar Jets (CD Release Party)
The Pamphleteers
High Noon Saloon
Sat July 14th
5:30PM / $5 cover / 21 and up

The SugarJets used to knock out noisy pop tunes back when a few folks with dial-up were reading blurbs on bands on the internets. Then the times changed, and TSJ took their scratched-up Monkees records back down to the basement, reproduced, bought Subarus, and quit smoking. But like Ernest Borgnine at an orgy, they pop back in the room every once in a while to scare the newbies and make the seasoned swingers shake their heads. Turn the lights on, The Sugar Jets are standing in the doorway and just dropped their towels. It's still distorted pop for burnouts.
Come out for this ultra-rare treat when the Boys will be releasing their first new Album in nine years!

The Pamphleteers derive from a deep and abiding commitment to the hook and the occasional trip to the whitewashed stratosphere. Blending myriad influences from the early British Invasion, to nascent psychedelia, to spaced out proto-metal, and on to 1980’s new wave, the group demonstrates that pop and droning white noise are not mutually exclusive. With pounding, rhythmic melody at the fore, the yield simultaneously consists of tuneful nuggets and aggressively moody dirges.
The Chicago-based three-piece consists of former members of The Dials, The Returnables, and Swiss Dots. Yet, as those bands looked to 1977 as their launching point, The Pamphleteers delve further into the past to construct their turn on reverb, fuzz, and boy/girl vocal repartee.


Now you gotta dial the wayback machine back to 2001 or so for any Sugarjettering: ...
The Pampleteers are over at the ... 4322089869

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Re: Sugarjets/Pamphleteers 7/14 HN@5:30

Postby twig » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:11 pm

Wow! Saw you guys at Dudleys. Blew my mind!

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