Squarewave, All Tiny Creatures, El Valiente - 8/19

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Squarewave, All Tiny Creatures, El Valiente - 8/19

Postby Pogoagogo » Sat Jul 30, 2011 1:18 pm

True Endeavors, Planet Bike, The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and New Belgium Brewing Present:
Friday, August 19-
7 pm to 10pm
East Side Club - Outdoor show with sweeping Lake Monona and Capitol views.
Tickets: $10 adv and at the door, which includes a free New Belgium Fat Tire beer.
Free and secure bike valet parking courtesy of Planet Bike, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, and the 20x2020 project.
Enjoy food from the outdoor barbecue and drinks from the Tiki Bar.
Fun door prizes! Just ride your bike to the show and have it parked by the Bike Fed in order to be entered.
(This isn't strictly a bicycle event, there's plenty of parking available in the lot) - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=115873558509715

Check out SQUAREWAVE on the web:

As the enduring creative force behind the seminal Madison indy band Ivory Library, Jeff Jagielo’s latest project, Squarewave, is just as adventurous. These days, Jagielo and his mates go for atmospheric production filled out with thick washes of guitar, forlorn (although hardly depressing) vocals and keyboards that generally provide added colors rather than melody.

Check out ALL TINY CREATURES on the web:

“a subtle kind of slow-release joy … a sense of quiet euphoria bubbling to the surface” -Pitchfork
“excellent” -New York Magazine
“All Tiny Creatures blur the line between what a live band can do and what an electronics-obsessed experimenter can create alone at home.” -Onion AV Club
“…exacting, neat and beautifully angular.” -77 Square
“…takes minimalism to the maximum…” -Isthmus
“The band is on to something good.” -Shepherd Express

Check out EL VALIENTE on the web:

El Valiente’s been doing pretty well for itself since it dropped its 2007 album, El Topo, earning a decent local crowd for its stark, long-form rock instrumentals. Drummer Joe Bernstein often holds down pretty glockenspiel melodies with one limb while working a tricky rhythmic mix with the other three, and guitarist Eric Caldera brings a peculiar mix of Southwestern flavor and post-rock dramatics. The three new songs on El Valiente's 2009 album Daceton outdo everything the band came up with previously, discovering catchier, sometimes brighter guitar hooks and inverted moments where Bernstein's drums seem to lead the band.

Check out Planet Bike on the web

About Planet Bike:
At Planet Bike we dream about bikes. We dream about people riding bikes: riding to work, riding to school, riding bikes to the grocery store, concerts, sporting events, coffee shops and grandma's house, too. We also dream about the day when all cities and towns are safer and more convenient places for cyclists.

Check out 20x2020 on the web

About 20x2020:
The goal of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin’s 20by2020 campaign is to unite 10,000 Madisonians in an effort to create a Madison where tens of thousands of residents and visitors make bicycling an integral part of their daily life. We want an innovative bicycle system that encourages 20% of all the trips in Madison are made by bicycle by the year 2020.


Want more chances for free tickets, free MP3s, etc. ?

Check out our blog: http://www.trueendeavorsbl​og.com/

Newsletter: http://visitor.constantcon​tact.com/email.jsp?m=11019​32462300&p=oi

Twitter: http://twitter.com/trueend​eavors

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/tru​eendeavors

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Re: Squarewave, All Tiny Creatures, El Valiente - 8/19

Postby Pogoagogo » Thu Aug 18, 2011 10:45 pm

Hey folks, if you ride a bike to the show and park in the Planet Bike/Bike Fed corrals, you get entered to win some pretty cool door prizes! You can win a a pretty sweet Planet Bike bike light, or a couple lbs of coffee from our friends at Ground Zero!

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Re: Squarewave, All Tiny Creatures, El Valiente - 8/19

Postby Qarb » Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:47 am

Tonight! Squarewave starts at 7:00 PM.

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