Things Fallling Apart, This Specific Dream, Mandible 7/14

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Things Fallling Apart, This Specific Dream, Mandible 7/14

Postby Daniel » Fri Jul 13, 2007 12:10 pm

Things Falling Apart, This Specific Dream, and Mandible will be playing at Nottingham Co-op tomorrow at 8pm.

Things Falling Apart-From DeKalb, Illinois. 5 piece prog space rock symphony.

This Specific Dream-From Milwaukee 4 piece, louder than any other band prog space rock symphony with just a touch of metal.

Mandible-3 piece spaz metal in your face band from Madison that'll melt most people twice their ages bands.

Yes you love music categories, send a check to the guy with cancer, and see music after you've bought your lovely toys from State Street. None of these bands endorse this message.

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