Human Aftertaste, SCCP, Helliphant, the Facesteak 7/13

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Human Aftertaste, SCCP, Helliphant, the Facesteak 7/13

Postby timthompson » Fri Jul 13, 2007 11:45 am


The Human Aftertaste, a bizarre and intense hilarity if ever there was one, is stumbling through our fair town this Saturday 7/13/2007 at the Annex on their "Taste of Freedum" tour. There insanity is legendary, their tunes kick ass and the rest of the bill will just plain kill you!

Those crazy kids in Screamin' Cyn Cyn and the Pons, supporting their new Crustacean release, will also perform. Helliphant, the gargantuan metallic beast, will play their first local show in a few months with a couple new tunes and their own brand of hellfire antics. And the Facesteak opens the show with some crazed and inspired rock and/or roll.

4 crazy bands with enough insanity to keep things more than interesting! This is the freakshow we know you all want to witness!

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