Null Device New Album Release, gig

Got a gig coming up? A CD coming out? A new bass player who looks like Jesus and smells like a field of posies? If you're selling or promoting something, post it here.
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Null Device New Album Release, gig

Postby NullDevice » Wed Jul 11, 2007 11:08 am

1) We're playing at the monstrously large Reverence 2007 festival right here in Madison - 4 nights, 2 venues, 17 bands. We're playing on saturday, sandwiched between Chicago's I:Scintilla and Madison's industrial-hip-hop-rock heroes Stromkern.

2) Our new album, "Excursions" will be released on July 24th. You can preview the album in all its electro-ethno-break-pop glory here:

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