lemoade, limeade and variants

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lemoade, limeade and variants

Postby gozer » Thu Aug 25, 2016 6:51 am

. . . there are also various types of the orangeades and grapefruitades as well . . . which are people's favourites to make, modify, or purchase? i will start:

limeade can be good with marischino cherry juice, lemonade with most or all of the fruit juices (cherry, plum, cranberry, pear, peach, marischino cherry, apple, grape, raspberry, strawberry, other berries and sweet or sweetish fruit). vanilla concentrate in sparing quantities in cherry limede is excellent when the proportions are right . . . there are other things and the like such as pink lemonade; i have also tried variants involving limeade to the other citrus juices and beverages . . .
there is also lemon-limeade, lime-lemonade, in various proportions
lemonade with rosewater is also quite good, a little bit of honey too . . .
any beverage of this type can be carbonated to various extents . . . adding fresh-squeezed lime juice with the pulp to the proprietary limeades and lime-lemonades to along with strongly carbonated (prickelnd) water is very tasty . . .

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