an ice cold coca-cola

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an ice cold coca-cola

Postby gozer » Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:26 pm

do not try this at home . . . o hell go ahead and do it:

something i recall from the big blast of the polar vortex in 2014 when it was something like -30°C/-22°F on account of seeing the videos of people making clouds by throwing hot water into the air around the same time*:

i had left a large bottle of coca-cola in the boot of the car for several hours by mistake and it was cold enough to make everything brittle but the coca-cola had not frozen. the bottle had shook, rattled, and rolled as i got it, put it in a bag that broke, and put the bottle in a snow drift, and then walked up the outside steps with it.

then i drop it going up the steps -- almost 5 metres down to bare concrete -- and the bottle exploded on impact, throwing plastic and frozen, freezing, and liquid coca-cola all over the place -- including getting some on me -- and i found the cap almost 35 metres away. the noise was a sharp crack then a woosh! and i could hear nearby objects rattle; i am not certain if it was plastic, coca-cola, or if a wave of compressed air was being produced. i could not see if it generated a cloud (like the little bit of fog that appears on opening a carbonated beverage) the explosion left a small bit of frozen coca-cola that looked a bit like a sea urchin.

it would be nice if it were as cold as that night and i could drop a 3 litre bottle of faygo soda from the roof. even better, find some way to put mentos candy in diet coca-cola in a way that nothing would escape before the cap is put back on. however it is reportedly rising to 10°C/50°F next week (15. to 22. february 2016) which is also good.

* by the way, throwing cold water into the air when it is -58°C/-50°F high enough will come down as ice pellets.

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Re: an ice cold coca-cola

Postby rabble » Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:32 pm

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