"can i bring you some change?"

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"can i bring you some change?"

no- keep it
yes, dumb ass- i gave you a $100 bill for an appetizer and 2 drinks
only jesus and che guevara brought about real change....
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Postby blunt » Fri Aug 06, 2004 1:08 pm

white_rabbit wrote:
bassbari wrote:So Thumper. Say you are at the Rock on Friday, you have had a good week and are buy a round for friends and your future trick of the night orders a Cosmo. The bill comes to $14.75 and you plop your last 20 down. (no fair going to the ATM) What should the bartender put down for change? You want to impress Mr. Cosmo with your generosity but not get nuts. If he gives you a 5 spot and a quarter. Do you ask for change or let it slide?

At the Rock and trying to impress future burnt toast I would leave the 5. Any other bar and no potential trick in sight I would ask for change and leave two or three bucks.

Speaking of the Rock are you happy houring today?

Keep the five to pay for the bad coke the two of you will be disappointed
with later.

I will be at Happy Whore .
Bassbari: please show up so I can prove to rabbit you're not me.

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