King & Mane is closing, but nevermind that

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Re: King & Mane is closing, but nevermind that

Postby thebookpolice » Wed May 18, 2011 1:11 pm

Oh, yeah. This is one of MadMind's newer pet Internet tirades: the exorbitant cost of burgers at non-fast food outlets.

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Re: King & Mane is closing, but nevermind that

Postby supaunknown » Wed May 18, 2011 4:37 pm

TheBookPolice wrote:Avenue doesn't seem like a supper club to me, even if it's not currently a diner diner. But by primed, I did not mean to indicate any plans. Just that it's there, it's got parking, it's got a good neon sign, and people know it by name, sight, and reputation.

If not a supper club, then what is the Ave?
And you frightened me a bit with your misleading comment about it becoming a 24-hour diner. Please no. I'm hoping Food Fight has the good sense to keep a certain comfortable sameness to a local landmark restaurant like the Avenue Bar.

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