Quinton's - City could pull liquor license?!

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Postby RobertAnalog » Mon Feb 25, 2008 10:07 pm

Does the license specify what action should be taken when the liquor numbers exceed the food numbers? You'd think it would specify something, unless that something is simply losing their liquor license forever. Should they raise liquor prices to decrease liquor sales, or raise food prices to increase food revenues?

I can think of a handful of accounting solutions that would remedy any discrepancy that small.

Is the problem Quinton's greediness or the fact that there are lots of people who either live downtown or travel downtown to take advantage of the 'entertainment district' thing? See a live show at the Orpheum, Majestic, or Bartell? Catch a game at the Kohl Center? Art at the Overture? See your kids at the UW? Fill In The Blank Activity downtown? Would you rather have coffee and tea or pitchers of beer and a shot? The people have spoken, speak, and will continue to speak. The demand for alcohol is high (it's an entertainment district now, not a gentrified slum, deal with it) and if you want that kind of vibrancy, you have to find better ways to deal with the negatives than simply shitting on businesses that benefit from selling booze responsibly.

Personally, I support stronger endorsement of what I like to call 'asshole' laws. When you throw garbage in the street or someone's lawn, scream at random people, pee where you aren't supposed to, start fights or block traffic, penalties should be enforced. Lump in underage drinking, open container stuff, DUIs, DWRs , and other similar things, we could really raise some revenues and some quality of life ratings. But we don't need to make life hard for honest small businesses and residents who don't bow down to the special interest lobbyists (a la CNI).

If you read their press release (http://www.capitolneighborhoods.org/pdf ... AL2008.pdf)
CNI sounds like a bunch of old assholes who bought condos downtown in the last few years and expect the silence of the suburbs and asskissing galore since they paid so much for their condos. It wouldn't surprise me to see CNI turn a blind eye to wine tastings that exceed capacity or an underage attendee at a single-malt scotch event. Or if someone allowed a cigar to be smoked at their favorite indoor public places. Hint hint, motherfuckers. Not all of you are teatotallers and we know what you like.

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Postby agnes smith » Tue Feb 26, 2008 3:27 pm

Quinton's should not lose their liquor license but I do think it appropriate that the license is suspended
for 14 days. The City was patient with Qinton's owners who had a very lax bookkeeping system and could not answer questions about the percentage breakdown of the different types of sales so that the
% of alcohol to food sales could be verified. It is
true that most CNI members are very NIMBYish and somehow think since they have moved downtown that our
wonderful Isthmus area must conform to their way of
living. It hasn't occurred to them that they must
make the adjustment to living in the urban center of Madison that downtown is never and will never be a
residential neighborhood. Robert Analog is correct
when he states that some CNI members do turn a blind eye to wine tastings that exceed capacity because that is an "approved" activity. They also turn a blind eye to those among them who get overserved. In the private Isthmus area clubs(Madison Club,etc.)I have personally witnessed disgusting displays of this. They can also smoke inside their private clubs but are constantly grumbling to city staff about the cigarette butts in front of public bars/restaurants where patrons are forced to go to enjoy a cigarette. What they do is acceptable but what we ordinary citizens are allowed to do isn't unless it conforms
to their code of conduct. Let's hope enough of our
downtown neighbors reject this NIMBY philosophy.
Downtown is for every citizen of Madison not just for those who live downtown.

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Postby square » Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:23 pm

RobertAnalog wrote:It wouldn't surprise me to see CNI turn a blind eye to wine tastings that exceed capacity

agnes smith wrote:Robert Analog is correct
when he states that some CNI members do turn a blind eye to wine tastings that exceed capacity because that is an "approved" activity.

Where do these take place? You're both very certain that these condo association members are letting wine lovers get away with murder but I'm curious where you've got the proof. I've never heard of this. And anyway this isn't Victorian England, I'm pretty sure wine has passed into the realm of the unwashed classes.

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