Specialty beer grocery store?

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Postby fennel » Mon Oct 29, 2007 9:28 pm

theloniouszen wrote:...has all the wood paneling, signage, and clientele of a small-town of an IGA..had a lot of character!

(Italics mine.)

That phrase doesn't put me off quite as much as it would in a real estate ad, but still… The dustscape/detritus ecosystem living atop the coolers is a little more down-home topography than I care to reckon with when I'm shopping for food. But go I do, remembering to cast my eyes downward.

As for wine, Woodman's and Jenifer Street Market take the same approach: a gazillion wines but nothing to choose from. Either the distributor is choosing their wines for them, based on what the distributor wants to unload, or the buyer is picking willy-nilly from the recommendations of some supermarket trade mag. That's too bad, because -- with their buying power -- they could be a multi-state destination for good wines. In the meantime, I can recommend Cork N' Bottle on Johnson (tiny). Steve's is very good, too, but rarely a bargain. Both places do well in terms of blather. That is, there's very little of it.

I think Jenifer Street does so much better with beers because there's genuine interest and because the local microbrew options are execeptionally good.

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Jenifer Street Market

Postby swoon_queen » Mon Oct 29, 2007 11:23 pm

I don't know if their beer selection rivals that of Woodman's (only because I haven't bought beer at Woodman's in about 6 months) but it's pretty great. Lots of local microbrews and some (like Rogue and Smuttynose) that I don't often see around here. I can't believe nobody's brought up the absolute best thing about Jeni Street's walk-in beer cooler: they provide a whole rack of fleece jackets one can put on before going into the perfect beer climate! Right now their Capital brews are on sale for 6.50 a 6 pack... noticed that tonight. Noticed especially because the Autumnal Fire was conspicuously not included in the sale (it was the only one not included, and my favorite of course...oh well).

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Postby Marvell » Tue Oct 30, 2007 12:12 am

theloniouszen wrote:Well, I appreciate your answers, but I thought this was what this forum was for - to talk to other people about food and restaurants and stores in Madison, and ask questions.

Actually, no.

This forum is for a peculiar kind of rhetorical deathsport. Food, restaurants and stores in Madison may be implicated in the deathsport, but that's purely incidental to the original purpose.

Which is to Kill. Kill.

Welcome to Madison.

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