so...very...poor (but still hungry)

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Postby Bella » Wed Jun 20, 2007 10:28 am

Well, it's two days to payday! I am understandable excited. Thanks to everyone that posted some fun recipes from their own poor days! To those of you that told me to budget, obviously, if I was interested in doing that, I wouldn't be in this mess...
I have been basically living off all the food that I normally would have donated to a food pantry, for example, last night was a can of soup and a can of beets. I have also found some suprises in the deep freeze, one night I had an entire tray of frozen appetizers, that was the best I have eaten in these lean times! The eggs were from April, so I quietly took them out to the dumpster about three nights ago. Not worth cracking open.
The bad news is that I have actually gained weight ! I guess I have solved the mystery of why poor people are generally so fat (Have I offended everyone? Too bad! hungry = cranky)...No fresh food.

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Postby cute hat » Sun Jul 01, 2007 2:24 pm

I worked my way through college in restaurant kitchens. There may have been some inventory shrinkage involved.

I also dated well. As in dated men, not as in expiration dates on eggs.

I remember once long ago when I was working a a New Orleans' themed place before New Orleans was done outside of that city, a wait person brought back a plate of largely uneaten crab legs and left them on a prep table. Me and this other waitress looked at them, looked at each other, then looked back at the crab legs. . . and we were on 'em like hyennas. . . . Minutes later said wait person came back and exclaimed "Where are my crab legs!?" Apparently she left them there to put in a to-go container. Cook gave us a withering look that only cooks can deliver, and boiled another pound for the lucky patron.

Last year, I was hangin' with an iternerate busker friend o' mine, and long about 5:30 he said, "I gotta go. I don't want to miss supper." He was headed to Luke House, which serves free community meals daily (it may be Monday through Friday). I'd fed him pleny of home-cooked meals chez moi, and he returned the favor by inviting me to join him at Luke House. I commented that I might not be welcome as I was dressed all fancy and such, but he said it didn't matter, anybody was welcome. So I went. Beef stew, bread, salad and a pitcher of cold milk on the table. Then a big-eyed, waifish young boy came by with a plate of cookies and politely asked us each, "Dessert?" Struck me as kind of a bizarro-world take on Oliver Twist.

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