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Postby keelio » Tue May 22, 2007 2:56 pm

Monzie wrote:...
The Roxbury Tavern is just typical bar food, imho. Fish fry, burgers, and the like. A lot of people love the place and consider it worth a drive, but we live just a few miles away and never eat there. Take that for whatever its worth.

I've found The Roxbury to be a cut above standard bar fare. I play music with an Irish group that gets up there every couple of months, and Tom always does a traditional Irish dinner when we play - Irish stew, colcannon, soda bread, etc. Does a decent job, too. I think he also does a cajun menu when he has cajun groups playing music. The garlic ketchup is a killer condiment, and Lake Louie beer is on tap.

This should probably be hype exchange - but we'll be playing at the Roxbury from 3-5 pm for a (day after) Bloom's Day celebration on June 17th, and he's working on a menu of Irish trad fare inspired by James Joyce's 'Ulysses'.

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