MacDonald's on Lake Street is Closed

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McDonald's on Lake... so gross it closed?

Postby Yvaine » Wed Apr 04, 2007 10:41 pm

I'm not surprised McDonald's on Lake closed. Here's a complaint I sent to McDonald's in March 2006:

I arrived at my campus McDonalds restaurant and was looking forward to a quick enjoyable inexpensive lunch. There was only one person in line at the counter, and I decided to use the womens restroom before ordering. In the restroom the floor looked sticky and dirty like someone had walked all over the floors just after they had been mopped. In the stall I selected, there was no place to hang my bag so I had to set it down on the cleanest part of the floor that I could find... at this point I had not noticed the water on the floor. While in the restroom stall, I suddenly noticed two small thin black wormlike critters wriggling on the floor. Gross (I lost my appetite for McDonalds lunch at this point). Then I realized that there was water all around the floor at the base of the toilet. Gross. Walking to the sink to wash my hands I noticed a large puddle of water under the sink and possibly extending from the other restroom stall. Also gross! I alerted a manager and left the restaurant. I chose not to eat lunch there because if the womens restroom was having wormy, watery issues I wondered what was going on in the rest of the facility. :?

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