How many people help bake...

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Re: How many people help bake...

Postby FJD » Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:34 am

snoqueen wrote:Cornbread (or whatever it is) has definitely changed writing style more than once in the last couple weeks, including a distinct change since Tuesday. I don't know if admin deleted what he put up Tuesday night (I haven't searched) but it was far more over the top than usual.

Then the next day he/she/they sobered up and here we are getting postings written in complete sentences, using material other than Vicky McK trancripts and a shadow, just a trace, of linear thinking.[/quote]

Yeah, the linear non-derogatory posting is what actually made me curious. That and using democratic rather than leftist.

snoqueen wrote:Do you suppose there is some web page where they collectivize all these accounts and exchange the passwords, a communally-owned pool of leftist discussion forum accounts with an auxiliary cut-and-paste resource wiki? What a concept.

Maybe it's an internet business startup concept just waiting to be liberated. It's yours right now under the GPL license.

Hmm, the idea of patenting that idea for the sole purpose of suing anyone who actually does something so sleazy is actually more tempting than making the site.

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