Why doesn't Isthmus update their website?

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Why doesn't Isthmus update their website?

Postby Piano_Displacement » Tue Nov 01, 2011 2:46 am

Just invest a little and make the user forums easier to use and the layout nicer. Change is good. when was the last time you guys updated your webpage and made it look new? Hire someone to do a thorough update of your website, all parts....

I couldn't comment on an article I was moved to comment on. It said I needed to "update my profile" and fill in all the necessary parts. It left a link. I followed the link and it said something like the action couldn't be performed. I went to my profile to update it. Tried updating things. Went back to article: still couldn't comment on it. I haven't been very active posting here and reading stuff. I usually look at the hard copy. But why would I ever come back? Same design for last 10 years and I can't comment on an article?


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