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Postby Uncle_Leaver » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:04 pm

I hope you pulled down a shitload of cash for running that hideous, duplicitous ad on these pages, Isthmus folks. I've always figured sleeping with the enemy should command a premium fee.

When that turd fondler Scott Walker is elected and I'm kicked out on my ass, I'll be sure to set aside some food stamps so I can send y'all a little box of chocolates or something as a token "thanks for nothing."

I look forward to seeing what sort of mad design skillz the folks at WI Right to Life have. And I hear the Klan is doing some outstanding things with animated GIFs these days (the mind reels ... I mean, the possibilities are nearly endless!).

Oy fucking vey, people. The ship is sinking and you're handing out cinder blocks.

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