What TDP and OMC could learn from eachother

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What TDP and OMC could learn from eachother

Postby MadMind75 » Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:47 pm

What thedailypage.com and onmilwaukee.com could learn from eachother;

The OLDER articles at onmilwaukee.com are much more visible and more frequently updated for accuracy.
I think thedailypage should do something like onmilwaukee's bar month.
I guess OnMilwaukee does plenty of lists/breakdowns, and my OCD-self is a sucker for such things.
You can keep all the heady agenda-pushing editorials masquerading as articles, give me the empty calories about bars, fast food/restaurants, malls, and new businesses.

What onmilwaukee could take from thedailypage is anything and everything forum related. Onmilwaukee's forum is just plain terrible, not to mention it's used half as much as TDPF even with 3 times the population. Milwaukeeans must use a different forum, perhaps jsonline's. Not sure if Milwaukee's equivalent to The Isthmus, The Shepherd Express has their own forum.

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