Rick Berg is, quite literally, a waste of space

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Rick Berg is, quite literally, a waste of space

Postby Chuck_Schick » Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:03 pm

Seriously Isthmus, are there no thinking Republicans you can lure to write a few column inches for your publication every third week or whatever?

I'd like to give a point-by-point analysis of just how hollow the thesis of Berg's most recent editorial (From bad to worse to worser still, Vol. 34, No. 22) is, but to do that would be to expend far more effort than Mr. Berg evidently did regurgitating this sorry aggregation of hackneyed platitudes.

So I'll be succinct. To write an editorial bemoaning the fiscal plight of California in comparison to our own state, with but one cursory invocation of the name George W. Bush (to say nothing of Reagan, Proud Father of the Corporate Welfare Colossus that helped get us into this mess), and no mention of California's Prop 13 (look it up, Mr. Berg), is to establish oneself as unworthy of the title "commentator," an appellation which connotes capacity for critical thought. No, Rick Berg is, at best, a conglomerator of others' shoddy content, and a woefully unskilled one at that.

You can do better, Isthmus. Hell, I can fake conservatism more convincingly that this bona fide GOP marionette bore.

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