Stop teasing us Chuck Schick

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Re: Stop teasing us Chuck Schick

Postby white_rabbit » Sat May 02, 2009 9:45 am

Katakiuchi wrote:
jjoyce wrote:Having no desire to join the bobo party, but an urge to once again try to explain why when one person is crude and obnoxious he gets the heave-ho, but when another does the same thing he is celebrated.

Chuck is/was attached to a real person who has/had some feelings about the community.

That doesn't fly. You've booted people who fit that description and the forum has suffered for it.

Suffered how? Suffered in the sense that there are less posts?

I'll take one profanity laden Chuck Schick post over a thousand G-Rated but insufferably banal AlternativeVoice (or any of the other countless idiots who where booted) posts any day.

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Re: Stop teasing us Chuck Schick

Postby bitcharista » Sat May 02, 2009 4:38 pm

Banning members who post criticizing remarks on a Saturday morning when Comp is in town only re-enforces the "Cartman with a badge" position. You both have gained quite a bit of weight.

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Re: Stop teasing us Chuck Schick

Postby Matt Logan » Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:47 pm

TheBookPolice wrote:no more instrumental in getting people banned or whatever than MattRockLoganHopper was in getting people to abandon their cars along the roadside.

RockHopper stated several times that his goal was to goad people into dishing out their true feelings about bicyclists. RockHopper seemed to believe that the surest way to get someone to tell you how they really feel about you is to ask them when they are mad at you. Sadly, it appears that thedailypage readers were a combination of supportive enough of bicycling that there were no hidden resentments to uncover with such a ploy, or unaware of the source of their resentments to the extent that they existed.

Had Rockhopper sought more of his answers from sociologists he may have had more luck at discovering the source of the tension between drivers and bicyclists.
Regardless of whether they drive an SUV or pedal to work, everyone on the road tends to have "selective perception" in how they view other modes of transportation, he said.

A minivan driver, for example, may only notice things that reinforce negative stereotypes about cyclists being reckless, while ignoring attentive, law-abiding riders. The same goes for a bike rider who tends to view all motorists as aggressive earth killers, without noticing the Prius driver who yielded before turning left at a bike box.

A 2002 study by England's Transport Research Laboratory found that when bicyclists violated a traffic law, motorists saw it as symptomatic of reckless attitudes and incompetence among people who choose to bike. However, when they saw another driver breaking the same law, they tended to see it as somehow required by unpredictable circumstances.

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