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post retention

Postby gozer » Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:12 am

it seems that the periodic format changes to i.d.p.f. since 1999 have led to the old posts disappearing; aside from my concern that we will wind up repeating ourselves ad infinitum, i recently got a passel of e-mails from users of the chronicle of malfeasance w.w.w./f.t.p. site that includes a perl/php/rexx form that allows people to read i.d.p.f. with various filtering, reclassification, and advanced search capabilities asking me if we had archived some classics they were looking for like music reviews and political comment from a poster calling him/herself eminem, my post xvi. district city council election cover of "straight outta compton" and someone posting as "jesse ventura" bragging about his "cotto salami i.c.b.m." (we don't archive i.d.p.f. at all for copyright reasons)

sooo.... are at least some of these i.d.p.f. posts in existence somewhere? can they be re-injected into i.d.p.f., maybe under their own category?

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