Didn't like Marc Eisen's editorial

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Didn't like Marc Eisen's editorial

Postby GenieU » Mon Nov 19, 2007 12:27 pm

Marc eisen writes:My take: We'd be out of Iraq by now if the sons and daughters of the elite and professional classes were clad in olive drab and routinely being blown up in IED booby traps.

The rich and powerful wouldn't tolerate their own children perishing in such an ill-conceived and badly fought venture

I'm old enough to remember Vietnam (another war of dubious legality) and the attitudes surrounding it in the early 70s. The blue collar kids in neighborhood were much more gung-ho and saw it simply in terms of "When your country calls you-you gotta go"

Typically the front lines of infantry have always been formed by those who had less options, less education, and were more likely to respond to authority.

But it rankles me badly to suggest that we would be in better shape if we would all just adopt this "Its not my place to question mentality". Those of us who oppose this illegal and unjust war wish no-one had to be doing the biddings of Haliburton and BP. Even those whose world view doesn't make that connection.

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