Is the Forum farked again?

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Is the Forum farked again?

Postby Cogitator » Fri Aug 10, 2007 3:33 pm

I've been trying (unsuccessfully, until now) to respond to the previous 'fucked forum' thread but um, well, it's FARKED!!! so I keep being redirected to the main index. I'm sorry, I really did try to keep my post lined up with the already existent topic.

I'll admit it was troubling that several of my recent posts completely disappeared during last week's net freakout -including the one in which I asked for help in figuring out how not to have to be an ass to get some conversational attention here.

And while it bothers me that incredibly unimportant sock puppet shit still somehow manages to show up throughout TDPF, I'm trying to not take this personally. But c'MON!

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