On this occasion: The Top Ten

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Re: On this occasion: The Top Ten

Postby gargantua » Sun May 27, 2012 8:21 pm

Nice bump! In the course of adding to my post count, I would like to mention that I have more posts then bdog,

Value added: the temperature and weather this year support the fact of global warming. It's. a. fact. You can argue about why, but the fact remains, Ned.

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Re: On this occasion: The Top Ten

Postby bdog » Sun May 27, 2012 8:25 pm

spanky wrote:
Ducatista wrote:
jjoyce wrote:Most of our active women appear to be often too distracted by real life to participate fully here.

Hey, that was post 2222 for me. Cool. Or maybe I'm seeing double. 22? 1111? Hic.

Are you drunk??

I can answer unequivocally, maybe, definitely on my way. Probably. Yes.

This is the last time, the last time with cows.

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