Continuous drinking healthier?

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Continuous drinking healthier?

Postby dudemeister » Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:08 pm

Given this article I started thinking about drinking. So I thought I'd ask the ultimate authority on all important issues: TDPF.

What I'm wondering is whether it is better (healthier) to abstain on a daily basis and have too much once a week OR to drink sensibly on a daily basis and still have too much once a week.

Of course drinking too much is bad for you regardless.

But my hypothesis is that having a daily 1-2 drinks keeps your body better prepared for the damage of too much to drink.

Imagine a vegan goes out and has a huge prime rib. He's going to get sick. Now take that same vegan and feed him a burger every 2 days; I bet that prime rib doesn't make him sick.

On the other hand having a daily drink probably increases your tolerance which then allows you to drink much more when you overindulge which then increases the unhealthiness of that situation.

And how much is too much to drink, anyway?

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Re: Continuous drinking healthier?

Postby blunt » Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:00 pm

Scientists have already proven daily doses of alcohol extend life.
That means of course, many of us will live forever.
I's also wise to eat stuff off the floor. Give your immune system something to do for a change!
And knock off the antibacterial soap.
But most importnat is the skeleton key the to the secret of the source of the essence of everything:
Not the wishy-washy and tepid fearful kind of flip-floppy undecidedness but the perfectly dangerous and ruthlessly and infinitely what everything else always isn't , the never-ending tiptoe poise of a perpetually unpeeling banana crucified between conflicting ideas and desires, thus redeeming and rebooting every day all the time forever and ever ok.

The previous paragraph was brought to you by the coy yet aggressive subversive yet pucker-free strawberry dandelion tones of 2005 Esser Pinot Noir, purchased this evening from Sadhana Wine Shop, 41 S. Bassett and the letter U.


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