The No. 1 Movie AND No. 1 Single In The Country? Wow.

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The No. 1 Movie AND No. 1 Single In The Country? Wow.

Postby Remember_Me » Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:19 pm

Apparently crime does pay. Also more proof of America's short attention span once the next story comes along. Perhaps Clooney was right.


Chris Brown is back to a familiar place — the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts.

Brown also stars in the heist thriller "Takers," which debuted on top of the box office last week.



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Re: The No. 1 Movie AND No. 1 Single In The Country? Wow.

Postby c02 » Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:53 pm

I would argue that it's not so much the attention span that is the bane of our country. We live in a period where information, headlines, everything is coming at us from every angle. Back in the day, news came twice a day on 3 channels of the television and twice a day in the newspaper. Now it's 24 hours a day on countless channels. Weather and Sports have their own networks. Hell, freaking phones provide instant news now. I remember when dialing a number actually meant USING A DIAL. The only news I got from that was when I had to dial information or my mom telling me to get my @ss home. I digress.....

I'm of the opinion that it's because of the constant influx of new information that we have become indifferent to issues that don't directly affect us. If one is always getting info on a topic one is passionate about, everything else will take a back seat. Sure, one will be outraged for a moment but Megacorp just shipped 2,000 jobs to Bangalore. Therefore, one will prioritize what is important to them. Once upon a time, every news item received relatively the same amount of attention. Now, we can choose to tip the balance of our news flow in favor of what is more important to us.

I do ultimately agree with you. Chris Brown sucks. Wonder if he would have treated her that way had her brother been say, Tu-Pac?

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