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Jacob Green @ The Frequency..

Postby Jacobgreen7 » Mon Apr 12, 2010 8:57 am

Sunday, April 25 @ 10pm! opening for Sugar Glyder & Waste of a Jason.

"Jacob Green's music can be described as psychedelic blues mixed with jam rock then aged with outlaw folk. That brings a deep message through the lyrics for your mind and thoughts & a grooving/rocking feel good vibe that will keep your body moving."

Jacob Green Bio:
From playing violin in orchestra at age 10, to playing guitar in a punk band as a freshman in high school, then producing & rapping in his own hip hop group after high school, to playing folk on the acoustic & slide guitars, and finally to playing electric guitar in different rock groups, Jacob Green knows, is, breathes, lives...music.
After a decade of musical experiences, he simply goes by his name Jacob Green. He's established his own independent record label, Green Music. He's gained recognition in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois with his band, The Grit(Rock/Blues/Punk) and also has been playing the Milwaukee music scene for over a year with Infinite Nature(Reggae/Folk/Hip Hop) and as a solo artist.

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