Music-making as comfort?

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Re: Music-making as comfort?

Postby Ducatista » Sun Nov 04, 2012 11:18 am

Timely thread for me. Just this week I got together with a friend to work through a few 60s lounge-y covers. It's been years since I last did something like that, and comforting is a great word for how it felt. Also: soothing, calming, familiar. Much more so than working on original stuff, which I find somewhat stressful (though more rewarding).

I'm not going through difficult times, but I am charging headlong into crazy season at work, and here come the holidays. I think a weekly cover session might prove to be great therapy.

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Re: Music-making as comfort?

Postby Galoot » Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:56 pm

I'm with Ken B on this. I don't much care for practicing, I much prefer playing for people. I've never gigged professionally, just played bluegrass jams, and occasionally passed the guitar at friendly gatherings. But sitting and just wood-shedding is not something that cheers me up.

I suppose if I had any songwriting ability (which I don't, in spite of trying for years and years) then I could find some comfort in getting stuff put into songs. I have no idea if that is what motivates songwriters.

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Re: Music-making as comfort?

Postby Prof. Wagstaff » Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:13 pm

I've never found singing (the only kind of music I make) as cathartic although admittedly, I've never done anything original either. But without a doubt, going to band practices are the most fun I have in any given week and I look forward to it immensely. It can certainly lift my spirits during an otherwise unhappy time, although that might well have as much to do with drinking beers with people whose company I really enjoy as it does with the physical act of singing. But man oh man do I hate performing live. I have terrible stage fright and am extremely self-critical when it comes to my voice, so I'd say actually playing a gig gives me the opposite of comfort. It's been much less pronounced recently (which corresponds with a considerable lessening of my duties within the band) but I've have some seriously messed up reactions to playing shows in the past: terrible dreams, needing to pee pretty much constantly for the hours leading up to the show, being a complete fog where I forget to do things I normally do without thinking (like feed the cats or close the garage door), and most dramatically, getting nasty rashes. Strangely, I have none of these issues when it comes to karaoke (or even Gomeroke), which I love doing.

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Re: Music-making as comfort?

Postby WestSideYuppie » Sat Nov 10, 2012 1:06 pm

Music got me through my teenage years as a lonely nerd. Playing for myself, and for other people, were both vital for me, each in its own way. Music was always there, to absorb my excess mental energy. Playing with other people gave me access to a social scene where I didn't have to be cool, athletic, or rich, in order to fit in.

Today, being able to just pick up my instrument at any random moment and start playing is a great way to relax and forget about everything else for a while.

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