IfIHadAHiFi protest song: "Imperial Walker"

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IfIHadAHiFi protest song: "Imperial Walker"

Postby DrAwkward » Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:02 pm

(NOTE: I posted this in Hype Exchange as well--sorry for the crossposting, but i wanted to make sure people saw this. Feel free to delete if it's really an intrusion.)

Hi all,

Over in Milwaukee, we at IfIHadAHiFi Inc. spent last weekend recording an anti-Scott Walker protest song titled "Imperial Walker." You can download the song at our Bandcamp site for a minimum donation of $1. I say "donation" because whatever you give in exchange for a copy of the song will be donated to Russ Feingold's PAC, Progressives United.

This was our way of doing something to contribute to the cause, since we can't be in Madison every day to march and protest. For $1 you can chip in to help a PAC that is working to fight the influence of corporate pricks like the Koch Brothers.

Also, you should totally blast it while walking around the capitol. Spread the word!


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