The Replacements in Madison?

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Re: The Replacements in Madison?

Postby jonnygothispen » Sat Apr 30, 2011 10:39 am

I saw them at Headliners in 1988. I didn't have my ID, so we were in the balcony, non-alcohol section. Paul Westerberg walked up and leaned against the rail next to me, apparently to see how the stage looked. They were on, and it was a good show, but the most interesting thing that happened came from the opening act, "In Concert."

The lead guitarist's combo-amp caught on fire. He doused it with a pitcher of beer. The replacements graciously lent him their full Marshall stack. The guy was in his head prancing around and jamming on the stack. Amps were about as expensive then as now, but wages were much lower, so I'm sure it was a treat to jam on a full Marshall set-up.

Anyway, this guy was prancing around playing louder than the rest of his band, which garnered cynical glances from his band mates. Then to top it off, he went too far with guitar cord and tipped the stack over.

The "In Concert" guitarist disappeared offstage while The Replacements rushed out like you do at the scene of an accident. I don't know if the amp was damaged or not, or if they used a back-up, but the show went on. And what a great show it was.

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