Subtle (or not so subtle)

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Subtle (or not so subtle)

Postby harrissimo » Fri Nov 14, 2008 7:06 am

Did anyone catch the Subtle show at the High Noon. I was going to go but the weather was so miserable that I stayed home. I was curious about them so I checked out several cuts on YouTube.

I have not decided if I hate them or love them. That Doseone dude is really something else. I guess I really like them but I don't think I could take more than maybe 30 minutes of this type of stuff.

I like to hear them play at a Mallards game after taking in a Fish Fry.

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Re: Subtle (or not so subtle)

Postby blunt » Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:34 pm

Yes and you should cuz theyre sweet and neat and freaky cool.
They shouldn't be lumped into the rap category---as an opener for Lil Wayne they might get booed off; as a opener for !!! they mght be a revelation.
Visual (cuz why play live if you got nothing to show? The days of it's cooler to underachieve have played out--time to kick up the eye candy or why shouldn't we all just stay home and watch on laptops?) and aural--- the metallic trance morph swirly wordstorms make my ears grin.
I used to be the guy that locked the doors and put on headphones and carefully followed the lyrics along with the music to grok the whole thing.
I never know what anyone is taking about anymore.
The lyrics are now either entirely absent from CD's replaced with a usually complete waster of glossy pages of dull photos, or are too infinitesimal to read.
But i did some research and these guys gots things going on.

The ape's lucky leather jacket has turned up missing...
Hence the intergalactic presses have been halted accordingly.
their consummate plug - been kicked from the outer-space wall
and then alone does the nightclub's only spotlight get to stuttering.
and the air this here ape's in charge of, has now grown doubly thick,
So it unzips its 20odd year old skin to reveal a classic tattoo style anchor,
strung up on a pair of ugly and classic roller skates.

I don't know. But it seems cool .


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