Ryland Bouchard, aLETHIO live @ The Project Lodge 11-15

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Ryland Bouchard, aLETHIO live @ The Project Lodge 11-15

Postby aLETHIO » Mon Oct 20, 2008 10:26 am

Ryland Bouchard aka The Robot Ate Me

Recently transformed back into just Ryland Bouchard from The Robot Ate Me moniker, this brilliant songwriter returns to Madison, WI with a much more accesible sound than 2006's Good World. While still an amazing experiment in orchestration and songwriting-- the music definitley wasn't for everyone. This fall will see the release of "Seeds": a four 7", wooden engraved, t-shirt, dvd, poster, and other misc. items boxed set. Two springtime's ago The Robot Ate Me performed at Cafe Monmarte and about half the dinner crowd left immediatley due to Ryland's totally unique approach to live performance. "He's seated on the Momo stage wearing a rabbit mask with 5 suitcases filled with looping, sequencing, and synthesizing devices playing a clarinet into the microphone and looping it to create an aural sonic boom in which no john mayer fan could survive."

Ever the great performer as well as brilliant recording artist, Ryland is sure to entertain those that are interested in approaching the newest and most exciting horizons in audio art today.

Praise for 2003's 'They Ate Themselves'
"possibly the year's most arresting experimental pop record, They Ate Themselves is a dizzyingly vibrant trip through death and multi-layered dissonance. His voice, aching with vulnerable humanity and almost uncomfortably high in the mix, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ryland Bouchard is a dominating presence" -Matt Fink (Skyscraper)

This album, his international debut and most critically acclaimed is available for a mere $6 over at


The show is on Saturday, November 15th at 7 pm in The Project Lodge (817 e Johnson St.) There will be a cover of $7. Local experimental folk act aLETHIO opens. If you do screen projections and would like to show us what you do there will be a screen that could use some images on it. if you or someone you know has this capability please email: alethiotheband@gmail.com.

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