The God Damns record- what should we name it?

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The God Damns new record...

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Postby Kyle Motor » Wed Oct 01, 2008 8:19 am

Walter wrote:I second the compliments on Thriller and the show.

The playing on the record is really tight; I suspect you did it the old fashioned way by playing together live rather than doing separate takes?

The guitars sound great. Mic the amps (what were they?) or into the board?

Did you have to use any Phil Spector tactics to get the drummer to play more quietly? Those were the loudest unmic'd drums the other night!

I came late to the God Damns party. Any earlier records I can get?

We did the drums and bass together with a scratch guitar, then we did the guitars live together to the rhythm tracks.

Miced up the amps, always. Amps used are SECRET.

You can't tame Chad on the drums, he's a monster. The live room at Motorco (same space as Coney Island) has nice high ceilings, so the drums have room to open up real nice without being so crushingly loud (they're still loud though). There is no volume knob on a good rock drummer.

Thriller is our only release, hell that's the only originals we have. I'd imagine if we could get the four of us in the same room more than once every other month we may have been more prolific.

Glad to hear people are enjoying our good, wholesome rock'n'roll record.

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