Punked at the Portal?

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Did I get punked?

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Punked at the Portal?

Postby zonker » Mon Sep 19, 2005 2:32 pm

The following story is true the names have been changed to protect the innocent/guilty.
In July I booked a show for my band at the Portal with a guy we'll call Joe.
He asked me to come up with an opening band which I did, we'll call them Mondale. A couple weeks later I heard that the Portal was closing so, no show. Then I picked up a copy of the September issue of Maximum Ink. They listed a show with Mondale and some other band a couple days after the Portal's grand reopening, which I found curious since I was the one who got Mondale on the bill in the first place. so I e-mailed Joe. No response. So I called the Portal. A couple days later I got a call back from some other guy, we'll call him Bob. He told me the show was on and we were scheduled to play blah blah blah.....The day before the show I called the Portal again and got their machine. The message advertised the show. Then I got a call from one of the guys in Mondale, he heard the show had been cancelled. So I called Bob to see what the hell was going on and he assured me that the show was on and said he would call Mondale to confirm. So my drummer and I packed up our crap and headed down to the Portal where the not so friendly lady at the door told us that Bob has nothing to do with the club and there was no show blah blah blah.......
What I'm wondering is, did Bob really believe this show was gonna' happen or was this some sort of sick joke? He seemed sincere when I spoke with him.

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Postby depinmad » Mon Sep 19, 2005 2:39 pm

the real story behind this story is that the portal always was and always will be a godawful venue in every respect.

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Re: Punked at the Portal?

Postby eriedasch » Tue Sep 20, 2005 11:29 am

zonker wrote:What I'm wondering is, did Bob really believe this show was gonna' happen or was this some sort of sick joke? He seemed sincere when I spoke with him.

You mean Ken? I heard he had a falling out with new owners and would not give them any info on what was booked. Pretty sick joke if you ask me. At least call the bands and let them know the show was cancelled.

Unfortunately this does not surprise me coming from that place. Sad too, because Geoff did a good job with the interior remodeling, got the stage and sound worked out, and you can't really complain about the location. Too bad they did not know how to run a music club and deal with booking bands, compensation, promotion, etc.

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Postby papalion » Tue Sep 20, 2005 9:07 pm

I was thinking about calling up the Portal to see if we could get a gig.
New People, I say give them a chance.
And at the end of the night if no one showed up to hear us,
we have to pay for our own beer,
and are rubbing our 2 nickels together to see if we have enough gas money to get home.

We could call it nostalgia.

I have a few open nights this fall (however the guys do like the attention they get down the street at MR)You up for it eriedasch? we could share it.


Papa Lion

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