MAMAS 2013

Who's making noise in and around Madison? What's new in the business of making music around town? Review shows and CDs here. Please keep all hype in Hype Exchange.
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MAMAS 2013

Postby HopeIsKey » Mon Jun 24, 2013 7:54 am

  • Mikko Utevsky had the performance of the night.
  • Mr. Urban did a great job, as usual.
  • Lots of sound issues in the beginning but eventually the engineer worked it out.
  • Is it right to have the awards director continually nominated for awards and win?
  • Best moment: Granny Tranny Techno wins Best Electronic Song
  • 2nd best moment: seeing various people think the awards are more than just a good time for the musicians of Madison and the kids it benefits. Win or lose, no tears ought to be shed.
  • Worst moment: the laughing ladies during the moment of silence.
I may come off as being negative but I'm just being honest. I did enjoy myself and I appreciate the hard work that clearly went into it all. What are your thoughts?

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Re: MAMAS 2013

Postby artpaul » Mon Jun 24, 2013 2:24 pm

I was a little confused why was Gabe allowed 2 songs and why was his second song a Christmas song. I think if they were going to give two songs to anyone they should have given a second song to kicksville because their group was more diverse and really jammed. But I also didn't understand why a pig is kissing a girl and stealing her wallet.

Maybe I have sour grapes but another thing I didn't understand is why this year they had the Unique Artist presented an award on stage but the 2 years I won it it wasn't presented on stage. Also I find it odd that any new talent that comes along gets to play the stage but I have never gotten to play the stage even though I have won 6 MAMAS. But I do think the person who won the Unique Award was very good and I did enjoy Anne's performance. I just don't understand who decides these things.

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