Shish Cafe?

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Shish Cafe?

Postby madgirl » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:18 am

Drove by Shish Cafe the other day and saw a realtor's sign in the window. Anyone know what's up? Are they closing??? :(


Henry Vilas
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Re: Shish Cafe?

Postby Henry Vilas » Wed Jul 11, 2012 9:29 am

There has been rumors for years that the strip mall where the Shish is located would be torn down and developed. Because of the economic downturn, that development has been delayed. Maybe whomever owns* the property is ready to sell and move on.

*SHAPIRO, JAMES A C/O WI PROPERTY MNGMT (from the city's property records).

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Re: Shish Cafe?

Postby timby » Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:29 am

I can't imagine that the University Avenue construction has helped. My wife and I used to like to go to Buck's every couple of weeks, but actually getting into the parking lot for the last few months has been an exercise in futility.

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Re: Shish Cafe?

Postby beenie » Thu Jul 12, 2012 2:44 am

I saw a listing on Craigslist, advertising that the space was available for rent. Sad, I'd always wanted to go, but never made it there.

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Re: Shish Cafe?

Postby Crockett » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:06 am

Wow. I'm really surprised. Seemed popular and the ratings on Yelp are stellar. I hope they reopen somewhere else in town. Makes me sad.

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Re: Shish Cafe?

Postby nichole » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:29 am

On 7/10, there was a handwritten sign on Shish's door saying they're relocating, and in the meantime to please try Palmyra.

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Re: Shish Cafe?

Postby wallrock » Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:54 am

nichole wrote:On 7/10, there was a handwritten sign on Shish's door saying they're relocating, and in the meantime to please try Palmyra.

I overheard the same thing the last time I was at Palmyra, the sister restaurant in Middleton. Earlier this summer Palmyra had closed for a few weeknights due to staffing constraints at Shish, so I'd imagine a number of the staff alternated between both locations.

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Re: Shish Cafe?

Postby ELK » Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:52 am

Does anyone have an update on this? Palmyra is good and all, but no Shish...

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Re: Shish Cafe?

Postby Taco » Thu Nov 29, 2012 11:04 am

Their business model had a flaw. They were missing one very key, all important, delicious food.

I think you guys know what I'm talking about.


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