8 Seasons Grille

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8 Seasons Grille

Postby LargeMarge » Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:54 pm

My SO and I ate at 8 Seasons Grille last week. It was a beautiful day so all the outside seating was taken. I really don’t care much about interior design so I won’t comment on it. The waiter explained the name/concept…the restaurant plans to change it menu 8 times a year meet the seasons. It’s on the corner of Main and Basset Streets.

I ordered the PrimaWow, fresh, seasonal vegetables tossed with homemade, grilled cilantro noodles ($10). The vegetables included Brussels sprouts and red and green peppers. The vegetables were cooked perfectly. The vegetables outnumbered the noodles. It was fabulous.

My SO ordered MadFou, grilled tofu, marinated in teriyaki, blueberry, garlic and herbs. Served with Thai zucchini spaghetti ($9). The tofu had a nice texture and flavor, but it was a bit dry. There wasn’t much Thai zucchini spaghetti. I think the whole dish would have benefited from some sauce.

I thought the prices were reasonable. You don’t get salad or bread with the meal. They do serve meat, too. We just didn’t get any.

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