Inka Heritage, Redux

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Inka Heritage, Redux

Postby NullDevice » Wed May 12, 2010 3:58 pm

I went to Inka Heritage for the first time in several months yesterday and...they've changed some things.

For the better, I'd have to say.

I didn't notice at first. The menu came in a leather folder, which was nice I guess but I didn't take as a portent of anything. Their menu presentation has been different every time I've been there. I ntoed that the old brochetas de lomo were not on the menu anymore. Oh well.

I ordered a causa limena, and expected the usual wobbly tower of potatoes and very mayonnaise-y chicken salad. What I got was a very nicely composed tower of potatoes, chicken salad, avocado and tomato, all nicely evenly layered with the mayo, which wasn't as heavy-handed.

Okay, off to a good start.

The food wasn't radically different, but there were some nice additional touches. The lomo saltado was still piled across big wedgy french fries, but it seemed portioned better and a little less "wet." My camarones a la piedra came as the usual jumble of shrimp in a limey-garlic sauce, but with two massive whole grilled prawns alongside.

And the desserts...the tres leches came as a "dry" cake in a pool of one of the leches with a shot glass of the third leche alongside to apply before eating, I would imagine so that the cake wasn't soggy before service. I never did find out, as one of my tablemates actually did it as a shot. Sigh. The flan has improved - my previous experiences were marred by a slightly bitter burnt-sugar taste that was not present this time.

Prices don't seem to have changed much, if at all.

Service was still pretty slow - we waited a long time for our food. But that's always been sort of the thing here, and I'm getting used to it. The causa came quickly, but the rest of the food took a while. Our server was attentive, but there just wasn't quick appearance of the food. I can live with that if it comes hot and done properly. Which it did, so I can't complain too much.

So yeah, not a major reinvention, but they've upped their culinary standards a bit, and I approve whoelheartedly.

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Re: Inka Heritage, Redux

Postby green union terrace chair » Wed May 12, 2010 6:35 pm

I've been interested in trying this place. Thanks for the review!

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Re: Inka Heritage, Redux

Postby juanton » Thu May 13, 2010 3:23 pm

Have they laundered their drapes yet?

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Re: Inka Heritage, Redux

Postby Uncle_Leaver » Tue May 25, 2010 8:19 pm

juanton wrote:Have they laundered their drapes yet?

Is that a euphemism for something?

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Re: Inka Heritage, Redux

Postby Average Joe » Tue May 25, 2010 9:15 pm

juanton wrote:Have they laundered their drapes yet?

I can put up with musky drapes, as long as the carpet is clean.

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Re: Inka Heritage, Redux

Postby LaughingGirl » Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:58 pm

Husband and I were there a couple of weeks ago, probably our 4th visit at this point. Sat by the window..drapes looked okay to me, but I didn't actually touch or sniff.....
I think this place is a gem. My lamb was a bit dry this time, but overall, we have always loved whatever we ordered and whatever friends ordered. This last time husband and I split a chicken salad stuffed avocado as an appetizer. Perfect for warm weather.

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Re: Inka Heritage, Redux

Postby john_titor » Sat Feb 26, 2011 6:32 pm

The kids were at Grandma's and I got to finally pick dinner last night. I had thought about it during the day as to where I wanted to go. I have read a lot about Inka Heritage, but had Graze and Cooper's as alternates.

My wife was on board with Inka, so down Park St. we went. We didn't get rolling until about 8. I had no reservations and my wife can get tweaked if she doesn't get her food quickly when hungry. I was tempted to pack a zagnut to keep her quiet, especially when I had read of slow service. We pulled on the side street next to the restaurant and found a spot right away. We walked into the restaurant and were seated immediately by the window (drapes looked/smelled fine - did not notice any carpet with which to match).

The woman who sat us was in turn our server. She took our drink orders and offered to take food orders right away. We both got the Chi Cha Morada - as seen in many reviews. It did not disappoint. It had a Horchata feel to it, but without the graininess/film. I appreciate that they are two totally different types of drinks, but the flavors reminded me of each other. One glass was enough, but I spread it out over the meal in combination with my water.

I had a need for ceviche. They had two options, I can't remember the first, but the second was a mixto. I chose that. My wife got the Reina. The ceviche was awesome. Truly a mixed variety: shrimp, mussels in the shell, squid, and maybe some fish. I liked it a lot. We were asked the heat level, I said medium, it had some kick. Delicious and I recommend highly. I look forward to the cevicheria (?) people say they are opening. I wasn't hung-over and opted out of drinking the leche, but could be tempted. The Reina tasted like chicken salad to me (I had a bite.) Nothing really special, but my wife ate it clean and liked it.

For dinner, my wife was hungry for soup. She got the Aguadito de Pollo. I need meat with my meals. The server recommended something from every category, including the Lomo Saltado. She mentioned the Lomo Inka Heritage as being a fan favorite. That's what I got. While the Lomo Inka Heritage was good, the steak cooked well, flavorful and tender, it was not really that special. The pancake made it a bit more Peruvian, but I would probably order something different next time. My wife ate all of her soup and liked it, I thought it was a touch salty, but good. Unique flavors.

Pleasantly satisfied, we asked for and promptly received our bill. We had a good experience. I would again have the ceviche, but would be interested in trying a different main course. I would recommend this restaurant. The food good, the noise tolerable and as we were off to the side, the opening and closing of the front door not a problem. One thing, on the way to the potty, I saw another whole room. I am not sure if this was part of the restaurant or what, as I had to pee and didn't investigate.

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