Icon Warning: Lion King Fixed Price

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Icon Warning: Lion King Fixed Price

Postby kulgar » Wed May 05, 2010 1:11 pm

I really, REALLY like the Icon. The wines selection is good, tapas is fun and the quality/price=value equation is very good. I rarely go there unless there's an event across the street at the obscene structure that replaced the Civic Center and stopped by last Thursday (for Monterrey Jazz, not TLK).

And found out that they were only serving a fixed price meal during The Lion King run unless we sat outside in the wind or at the bar. My companion won't eat at a bar because I talk to the bartenders and don't dote completely upon her, so we tried the fixed price.

The tapas and soup or salad were excellent but the main course was close to inedible. The "petit filet" was not a filet cut and impossible to chew, undercooked, and I gave up half way through it. Should have gone with the vegetarian entre. The farm raised salmon (for shame) was overcooked and chewy although the vegetable mix made it palatable. I suspicion the desserts were Sysco, all the same size with a laminated card to desribe them. Could be wrong on that, my fault for not asking, but they were definitely not up to the normal Icon standards.

At some point in time(the restaurant was never completely full) you can get the regular tapas menu. I understand not wanting to bury the kitchen, disappoint customers by offering the full tapas menu, but this alternative failed.

If you want tapas, go later or wait until the King is dead.

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Re: Icon Warning: Lion King Fixed Price

Postby Average Joe » Wed May 05, 2010 8:32 pm

With The Lion King, Overture is doing what it was intended to do; bring a flood of people to State Street for dinner and a show. It's too bad one of the surrounding restaurants that crave that type of business is unable to effectively deal with the crowds. Any feedback on how other restaurants are dealing with a 4-week run of a sold-out show?

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