Where are you eating and what do you think? What's opening, closing, succeeding, failing?
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Postby naybobber » Fri Sep 26, 2008 11:13 am

The spousal unit and I ate there last night. It was very good. Had the mahi mahi with the green bean side it was excellent - especially like the bell pepper slaw and sauce that came with it. Highly recommend the green bean w/wasabi sesame side. Also had the grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with veggies and cilantro pesto with the homemade fries. Sandwich was good, and the fries are excellent. There was no loud music, waitress was really good and friendly. Only complaint was a sticky table even after the waitress wiped it down. They really need to use some better cleaning solution when cleaning the tables....

We are also Mickey's fans. We thought the food at Alchemy was on par with Mickey's. Mickey's is a little more funky to be sure, but I didn't find Alchemy overly yuppified.

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